Happy LGBT+ History Month 2021!


With Valentine’s day round the corner, we wanted to invite you to watch this mini selection of internationally praised short films focusing on the ups and downs of the most potent force of all. Ditch an outdated box of chocolates, and treat yourself to this dynamic and heart-warming LOVE+ programme, with queer stories portraying affection, attraction, desire and all emotions that come with it.

Moving The Image – pop-up online dance screening

InShortFF in collaboration with ANNE •  present ‚Moving the Image’ an online screening of international short films that will make you move, in the comfort of your home!

Dive into a world where rhythms reveal secrets and desires, where the beat makes your blood pulsate and where the senses come alive. In this programme, movement is our main character who is not just explored through the body, but also through the edit, the sound and the camera lens. Movement tells us an important story on how we frame our world(s), communicate and interact. All our individual experiences meet each other on the common ground of body language.

7th July 19.00 (London Time) TICKETS AVAILABLE: HERE