Each year we work with an international crew of artist to prepare the most original posters, graphics, and trailers. London based artist and streetartist PANG is with us since the first edition of the festival. InShortFF’s Art Department is also made of resident designer Katarzyna Andrulonis and Hilma Sassa who made our posters and leaflets, audio-visual specialists from RE:Act! and musician Gizmo Varillas! See the list below to learn about the artists we have worked with in the past.

PANG ashtreyP A N G

W E B S I T E // INSTAGRAM @pang_london // TWITTWR #houseofpang // BUY ART Pang lives and works in London, painting both in the studio and around the city. Most of her work outside can be found in Shoreditch and Hackney.


W E B S I T E //Hilma is a graduate of Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication, UAL. She loves prints, patterns and typography but is always willing to explore and experiment with other areas of design.
With a strong passion for Branding, Typography and Art Direction, also a lover of patterns and shapes, whilst always looking to explore other areas.Her work process involves a lot of experimentation, exploration and testing, with the aim to create work that is ‚out of the box’ and unique.


W E B S I T E // InShortFF resident audi-visual support, creator of our trailers for 2014, 2015 & 2016, our ident and festival film titles. RE:Act! is a platform offering its skills & knowledge to support artistic expressions & social change as core elements for a healthy society.


W E B S I T E //  INSTAGRAM @GizmoVarillas // TWITTER #GizmoVarillas Gizmo Varillas was born in Santander, grew up in Bilbao and arrived to London by way of Cardiff. Combining his gentle vocal, haunting BVs with Latin and reggae guitar rhythms he brings a refreshing groove and takes on the current singer-songwriter scene that he calls Dark Tropical. Gizmo music was used as a soundtrack to all InShort Film Festival videos.


W E B S I T E // INSTAGRAM @float_art // TWITTER @Float_art  // BUY ART Float is an artist living and working in London. Having lived in 7 countries and being a keen traveller, her art is often inspired by her travels and the local culture she encounters. Switching from graphic design to illustration and street art, her multidisciplinary work can be described as vibrant, colourful and full of intricate graphic patterns. Float collaborated with PANG on InShortFF 2015 poster.


W E B S I T E // INSTAGRAM @davidshillinglaw // TWITTER @dodeshillinglaw // BUY ART „David is a mind adventurer, where the left half of the brain explores the right one. Unanswered, impulsive, instinctive and restless – David doesn’t paint or draw, he creates time. Evident in all his work is that David Shillinglaw is not afraid to humanise his art. He incorporates the perceptual concern of his journey as a man with his own sense of humour. The result is a powerful and fresh interpretation of everyday reality. His art has the appeal of Pop but a friendly, subtle, self effacing Pop that presents the ordinary and delights the viewer when he shows that you have your best conversation with yourself”. -Jaybo Monk David Shillinglaw has collaborated with Erkut Terliksiz on InShortFF 2015 poster. 


W E B S I T E // INSTAGRAM @erkutterliksiz // TWITTER @erkutterliksiz // BUY ART Erkut Terliksiz is an artist based in İstanbul. Terliksiz, who has been having solo shows in Gallery x-ist since 2007, participated in international art fairs such as Art Fair Cologne’06, Contemporary Istanbul since 2006, CIGE’08, St-Art’09 Strasbourg, Vienna Art Fair’11, Art Dubai’12, Scope Basel’11&’12.
Terliksiz’s works were displayed in various group shows in Leipzig, in London at Saatchi Gallery and Nancy Victor Gallery. His works have been featured in a range of magazines and books such as “Pictoplasma Berlin”, “Fresh/3” by Magma Brand Design, Germany. Erkut Terliksiz has collaborated with David Shillinglaw on InShortFF 2015 poster.


W E B S I T E // INSTAGRAM @hi_raquel_torres // TWITTER @HiRaquelTorres // BUY ART Raquel Torres is a graphic designer and visual artist working in London and Valencia (Spain). She has created the identity designs for our LOVE+ screening event.
Her fascination for bold and colourful geometry brings her to seek bright, vibrant, fresh graphics and patterns. Her main influences are the architecture, street art and pop culture of big cities.Because of her love for typography, geometry and patterns, she is now devoting a big chunk of her time to designing prints and street wear. Raquel Torres is a designer behind all beautiful branding for our pop up screening LOVE+.

Nie wybrano galeria lub galeria została usunięta


W E B S I T E // INSTAGRAM @benjaminmurphy_ // TWITTER #benjaminmurphy // BUY ART
Benjamin Murphy is a visual artist who creates artworks using the esoteric medium of electrical tape. Innocence, fragility, obscenety, beauty, despair, chaos, love, vanity, and vice are all frequently occurring themes. Whilst 90% of what ben does is in the studio, he sometimes likes to venture outside and create artworks that scale buildings. As well as creating these artworks out of tape, Benjamin also likes to paint and he is a frequent collaborator. Benjamin Murphy has collaborated with David Shillinglaw on InShortFF 2014 poster.


W E B S I T E // B L O G  InShortFF resident designer for 2014-2015. Creator of our logo and first two years leaflets. Australian multi-disciplinary artist living in London with a penchant for the psychedelic, broad colour spectrums and hand-rendered typography.


W E B S I T E // MANDY Aneta is an international actress and a prolific voice-over artist based in London. Since 2008 she has worked as a presenter on CBeebies Poland. She has previously collaborated with Polish Artists in London and is currently in rehearsal with Cabinets of Curiosity’s latest show, performing in London and Germany this autumn.
Aneta was our Festival Host at InShortFF in London at Rich Mix in 2015.


Adrian Magrys is a London-based DJ and long-time vinyl record collector passionate about analogue sound. Co-founder of an independent record label Lanquidity Records and a vegetarian without a driving licence.
Join us to celebrate InShort Film Festival Afterparty at The Yard on 6th August 2014 where Adrian Magrys will be supplying the music from the very best of his vinyl collection.


Henry is a trained actor and has appeared in many short films shown at festivals here and abroad. Recently, he has started teacher training at a new free school in London but continues to dabble in voice-over work, presenting and acting.
Henry was our Festival Host at InShortFF in London at The Yard Theatre on 6th August 2014.


Julia is a photographer born and raised in Brazil. She is fascinated by places and always tries to show the „natural” within them. Capture the light, people’s behaviour and fleeting moments. She falls in love with new ideas and projects very quickly. They come to shake, expel the routine and invigorate. Visit her website to see a resumé of these ideas transformed into reality.
Julia was our Photographer-IN-Residence 2014 & 2015.

W E B S I T E  //  V I M E O
Chris has years of experience in digital design, web design, packaging, print, user experience design, photography and video. Chris was our Videographer-IN-Residence 2014.


If you are an artist wanting to join our IN-RESIDENCE-CREW, drop us an email to with the subject line: ARTIST-IN-RESIDNCE .

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