InShortFF is all about international collaborations, even when it comes to making our festival. Meet our Atrists-in-residence:
Pang & Benjamin Murphy are behind our poster & merchandise artwork.
Victoria McGinness is our graphic designer, Gizmo Varillas is our in-house musician and Adrian Magrys will supply music for the afterparty from his vinyl collection. Actor Henry Everitt is our Festival Presenter.  And Julia Pecegueiro, Sam Bland & Chris Sebestik are our photo-video team.
Check out their bios, galleries & videos below.

PANG ashtreyP A N G

W E B S I T E // INSTAGRAM @pang_london // #pang_london // BUY ART
Pang lives and works in Bow, London. Her practice takes on many forms; painting, collage, drawing, illustration, photography and extensively as a street artist. She trained in classical oil portraiture for four years in Italy and continues to paint regularly in her studio in Bow, taking commissions or developing her own personal projects. Her surrealist pieces are done from imagination and can be found in the streets of London where she has explored the use of various media and content.


W E B S I T E // INSTAGRAM @benjaminmurphy_ // TWITTER #benjaminmurphy // BUY ART
Benjamin Murphy is a visual artist who creates artworks using the esoteric medium of electrical tape. Innocence, fragility, obscenety, beauty, despair, chaos, love, vanity, and vice are all frequently occurring themes. Whilst 90% of what ben does is in the studio, he sometimes likes to venture outside and create artworks that scale buildings. As well as creating these artworks out of tape, Benjamin also likes to paint and he is a frequent collaborator.


Victoria McGVictoria McGinness

Currently based in London, Victoria is a freelance graphic designer with buckets of experience in print, branding, web and illustration,  and is currently open for new projects or collaborations. She is a big believer in ethical design, and utilising our skills to create awareness and betterment of a good cause.


W E B S I T E //  INSTAGRAM @GizmoVarillas // TWITTER #GizmoVarillas
Gizmo Varillas was born in Santander, grew up in Bilbao and arrived to London by way of Cardiff. He is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of emerging indie band Crash Island and is branching out with his own solo project. Combining his gentle vocal, haunting BVs with Latin and reggae guitar rhythms he brings a refreshing groove and take on the current singer songwriter scene that he calls Dark Tropical.
Gizmo music was used as a soundtrack to all InShort Film Festival videos.


Adrian Magrys is a London-based DJ and long time vinyl record collector passionate about analogue sound. Co-founder of an independent record label Lanquidity Records and a vegetarian without a driving licence.
Join us to celebrate InShort Film Festival Afterparty at The Yard on 6th August where Adrian Magrys will be supplying the music from the very best of his vinyl collection.

Henry Everitt 


Henry is a trained actor and has appeared in many short films shown at festivals here and abroad. Recently, he has started teacher training at a new free school in London but continues to dabble in voice over work, presenting and acting.
Henry is our Presenter for InShort Film Festival in London at The Yard Theatre on 6th August 2014.

Julia Pecegueirojulia profile

Julia is a photographer born and raised in Brazil. She is fascinated by places and always tries to show the „natural” within them. Capture the light, people’s behaviour and fleeting moments. She falls in love with new ideas and projects very quickly. They come to shake, expel the routine and invigorate. Visit her website to see a resumé of these ideas transformed into reality.
Julia is our Photographer-IN-Residence

Sam BlandSam Bland

WATERBEAR WEBSITE // PORTFOLIO // Twitter @samueljbland
Sam is a graduate of the MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from London College of Communication, has been a photographer for many years. Recently his interest in storytelling and eye for detail has been leading him towards filmmaking. With an appreciation for the humorous and the absurd, he consistently pushes his work to offer unique perspectives that challenge both the story and the viewer.
Sam is our Videographer-IN-Residence

10352261_10204490797292713_5304110102924202209_nChris Sebestik

Chris is a recent Fine Art graduate from Kingston University, living and working in London. His work stems from his interest in the free and playful dynamics that filmmaking offers as a practice. The process of building narrative, the engagement with a subject and collaboration are all aspects that feed into his films.
Chris is our Videographer-IN-Residence

If you are an artist wanting to join our IN-RESIDENCE-CREW, drop us an email to : with subject: ARTIST-IN-RESIDNCE .

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