Throughout the year InShortFF is collaborating with various festivals and event producers to showcase more great shorts portraying same issues through the eyes of people across the globe.

Here’s a list of our most recent pop-up events

MOVING THE IMAGE 7th JUL 2020 @ online screening

Event produced and curated by Gati Gorska (InShortFF) & Anne Verheij (ANNE •

An online screening of international short films that will make you move, in the comfort of your home!In this programme, movement is our main character who is not just explored through the body, but also through the edit, the sound and the camera lens. Movement tells us an important story on how we frame our world(s), communicate and interact. All our individual experiences meet each other on the common ground of body language.

7th July 19.00 (London Time) TICKETS AVAILABLE: HERE

ANIMATED REALITIES 12th MAR 2019 @ Peckham Springs

Programme curated by Gati Gorska (InShortFF)

Through an eclectic mix of shorts, you will dip into different realities full of mythical creatures, enchanted forests, spiritual deserts, and weird dimension where robots overlook our evolution. Following hand-drawn and computer-animated lines, you will enter imaginative worlds, that don’t need any words to tell a compelling story, with films that grapple issues of dictatorship, power and rebellion, lost and found family bonds, and self-love.

GIRLS ON FIRE 17th FEB 2017 @ Juju’s Bar & Stage

Programme curated by Gati Gorska (InShortFF) & Aurella Yussuf (WOC Film Club)

A selection of short films celebrating fierce women from around the world in 3 acts.

Fear not, you won’t see damsels in distress. Instead expect smart, strong-willed, complicated, interesting and confident female characters on screen. This is a showcase of sensational stories that portray girls and women who take their lives into their own hands. Come and join us in celebrating the best short films representing international females.

Girls On Fire is curated by InShort Film Festival and WOC Film Club Club and organised in association with Juju’s Bar & Stage. The programme is completely F-Rated, meaning all films are directed by women and/or written by women and/or have significant women on screen.

We welcome everyone to join us and be stunned by the female talent and their stories.



InShortFF Skint I need a dollar Job INSTA

I NEED A DOLLAR! 17th FEB 2017 @ Canada Water Culture Space

Curated by Gati Gorska

A bold selection of internationally awarded short films portraying the relationship between life satisfaction and wealth.
Money makes the world go round and people make their ways to get richer. We’ve all been there, chasing dream jobs, ending up in the wrong ones, surviving till payday, getting scammed, and dreaming about a perfect life. Can happiness be bought with cash, or is it just a state of mind?

InShort Film Festival promotes independent, inclusive and international short films.

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MADE IN POLSKA 18th MAY 2016 @ 93 Feet East

Curated by Gati Gorska 

In collaboration with SHORTS ON TAP we have curated a programme of the best Polish short films and had this unique event at 93 FEET EAST.

Artwork made by Anna Rewinska AR

We have also hosted 2 great performances by: Margot Przymierska & Zuza Tehanu

LOVE+  12th FEB 2015 @ Canada Water Culture Space

Curated by Gati Gorska (InShortFF), Muffin Hix & Alex Karotsch (Fringe Film Fest!)

Web LOVE + banner

LOVE+ features critically acclaimed short films that are not your traditional love stories, portraying the desire, attraction and affection that the perspective of lives lived interestingly generates. A night of internationally praised shorts focusing on the ups and downs of the most potent force of all. Ditch an outdated box of chocolates, and treat yourself to our dynamic and heart-warming selection!

This programme extends the idea of love to present different perspectives and different stages and forms of love, focussing on what is dynamic and dramatic, rather than simply echoing the sentiment of the romanticised holiday. Not your traditional love stories, these are snippets of the desire, attraction and affection that is generated by lives lived interestingly.

We are honoured to exhibit this critically acclaimed programme featuring the recent work of superstar programmer and curator Selina Robertson; Tim Marshall’s infamous ‘Gorilla’ (2013), which won the Iris prize in 2013; the recent award-winning ‘Technical Difficulties of Intimacy’ (2015) by Joel Moffett; and ‘Fawns’ (2013) by Thanasis Tsimpinis, awarded Best Cinematography at the Athens International Film Festival. These are films which have moved short film audiences around the world into identifying with LGBT+ and queer stories and now, they’re together in London.

The screening is produced by InShortFF in collaboration with Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest and supported using funding by Southwark LGBT Network.
It also coincides with LGBT history month.


Poster & Branding Design: Raquel Torres bigcartel.com // FB

InShortFF Fringe SLGBTN

MEMORIES IN CONFLICT 3th Sep 2015 @ Canada Water Culture Space

Curated by Celia Turley

Beneath the pomp and platitudes of commemoration, forgotten foot soldiers and inconsequential victims lie hidden, unacknowledged amongst the grand narratives of war.
Spanning heady hallucinatory recollections, intimate eulogy and playful homage to a local hero, these 5 films redress the balance. From both celebrated artists and emerging new talent, we showcase stories which shine a light on the personal memories within the political drama of war.

Diary (experimental / 2010 / UK) 
That Day In September (drama / 2014 / Lebanon/UK PREMIERE) 
WTC Haikus (art video / 2001 / USA)
A Bonus Chapter From Cooking History* (documentary / 2009 / Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia) 
Dear Hassan – Traces of The future
 (experimental / 2014 /France)

Films will be followed by networking drinks at the Canada Water Culture Space bar.

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