I need a dollar, dollar, dollar is what I need, hey hey!

InShortFF Skint I need a dollar Job INSTA

We have been invited to curate an international short film programme for the Albany theatre for their upcoming SKINT WEEKS in February 2017! Reserve your ticket now, join us at Canada Water Culture Space to watch award-winning films and then decide what you want to pay for your ticket. http://bit.ly/2j1Kg0z

I NEED A DOLLAR! screening will depict the relationship between life satisfaction and wealth. Can happiness be bought with cash, or is it just a state of mind?


Welcome to 2017!

InShortFF 2017 Submissions are now open!

Short Film* submissions for our 4th edition of the most international short film festival in London (!) are now Open! Visit FilmFreeway for full details.

*You can submit up 3 short films produced after 1st January 2015, up to 15 min long from all around the globe, all genres, all budgets & all cameras used. Festival screening will take place in Autumn 2017 in London (UK), Gdansk (Poland) & other countries TBC.

International, Independent & Inclusive

artwork by our Artist in resident PANG

IN POLAND: InShortFF Touring Programme


Each year we select top 10 short films with international collaborations. In previous years this programme toured in France, Poland & Brazil. This year we’re kicking off with Gdansk – Poland and two  days of screenings at lovely cinema KinoPort at the Contemporary Art Center LAZNIA 2.

15th & 16th October Polish audience will have a chance to vote for their favourite film and watch 2 extra special screenings. Read more here…

Please make a reservation to enjoy this event.


InShortFF Opening Gala!

We’re bringing you InShortFF 2016 Opening Gala to Canada Water Culture Space, lovely theatre space tucked in behind the bookshelves of the library.

TOGETHER YET ALONE is a dynamic programme of shorts from all corners of the globe that address the same human phenomena: being alone and feeling someone is there, or loneliness despite companionship.



CLOSING GALA LDN @ The Cinema Museum!

We are bringing the InShortFF Closing Gala to The Cinema Museum in the Victorian magnificence of the old Lambeth Workhouse, where Charlie Chaplin spent time as a child. The Museum’s unique private collection of cinema history and memorabilia, that is the result of a lifelong fascination with cinema-going.  t is interesting to look back some of the successes and challenges of the past…

It is interesting to look back some of the successes and challenges of the past, so make sure that you will come early to the InShort Film Festival Closing Gala to have time to look around this atmospherical place. Join us for a double bill of short films portraying what’s complicated in human relations and complexity of a brain.

InShortFF 2016 CLOSING GALA: IT’S COMPLICATED // 75′ //+ BRAIN PICKERS (double bill) // 63’ // TICKETS ON SALE NOW