6 AUG JOIN FINALS of InShort Film Festival in LONDON, UK
14 AUG JOIN InShort Film Festival in DINAN, FRANCE


01.01OsmosisOsmosis by Darren Mark Douglas // fiction // 19’51’’
Synopsis: A struggling writer finds a strange man floating in the lake, only to realize all is not what it seems.
International collaboration: Welsh-German-Polish-English

01.02 Love and other chairs 2Love & Other Chairs by Christopher Bevan// fiction // 8’
Synopsis: Julian has a problem. Every women he meets turns into a chair. After trying to make it work with his girlfriend – turned- furniture-piece,he becomes desperate for love.
International collaboration: British-Venezuela-South Africa

01.03 ObstacleObstacle by Nilesh Vasave // fiction // 3’30’’ 
Synopsis: The history of love and abuse, short glimpse of the crucial moment in a life full of pain. Will the change set her free?
International collaboration: Indian-Polish-Russian

01.04 Dead dansDead Dans by Keiko Yamazaki// animation // 1’00’’
Synopsis: Any object has a limit of life, it happens to a light bulb suddenly. It is too quick and it has a spark like a fire work. Did they know that their life ended in that moment?
International collaboration: Japanese-British

01.05 Liquid JourneysLiquid Journeys by Liliana Grzybowska // documentary // 18’39’’
Synopsis: A dialog between old and new generation, which recycles its identity, constantly becomes new things. An illustration of liquid journeys that young characters are taking to reinvent themselves in urban cityscape of London. A question of home, belonging and identification in contemporary times.
International collaboration: Polish-British

02.06 momentsMoments (M2M) by Cyrus Trafford // video art // 1’43’’
Synopsis: One Life, One Heartbeat, One Moment.
International collaboration: Iranian/British-Swedish/English-American-Ghanian-English-Indian-Bulgarian-Lithuanian-Afghanistan-Danish

02.07 69 169 by Borja Mucientes  // fiction // 20’00’’
Synopsis: Rita arrives to London for the first time to visit her friend Jess. At the welcome party Rita drinks more than she can handle. When she attempts to get back to her hotel gets lose. Roger, passing by finds Rita lying on the pavement and offers a helping hand. „69” relates the story of a young girl from US whom comes for fist time to London, there she meets Roger, the East Londoner.
International collaboration: Spanish-American-English-Canadian-Scottish

02.08 But Milk Is ImportantBut Milk Is Important by Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen & Anna Mantzaris // animation // 10’38’’
Synopsis: A man afraid of people gets followed by a curious and clumbsy creature. Terrified the man tries to escape, unaware that the creature is a helper with slightly unconventional methods…
International collaboration: Norwegian-Swedish-Welsh-British-American

02.09 PiranhaPiranha by Elcid Asaei // fiction // 11’15’’
Synopsis: As the financial headquarters of London slowly awakens to another day of business as usual, not so far away a nervous junior banker experiences nightmarish visions of rioters and looting across the city, before leaving his flat to make his first journey to work at a major investment bank.  Yet, in the surreal calm of the financial district, unbeknown to him, the greatest danger he faces is not from the rioters that haunt him, but the corruption of his individuality in the corporate bubble. Here, as differences between him and the rioters blur, it becomes very difficult to tell one apart from the other.
International collaboration: British-Polish-Italian-Venezuelan-Caribbean-Iranian-Indian-Tunisian-French-Ghanian-Tahitian-Russian-American-Greek-Hungarian-Canadian-Brazilian-Filipino-Thai

02.10 OneiroiOneiroi (Ὄνειροι) by Lu Xiao-Wei  // fashion video // 3’33’’
Synopsis: In Greek mythology Oneiroi were the dark winged spirits of dreams. The film examines the blurred line between dreams and reality, depicting our main character being possessed by this dark force.
A fashion film infusing Asian and European talents to interpret and visualise the concept of “ONEIROI (Ὄνειροι)’- a word taken from Greek mythology meaning ‘THE SPIRIT OF DREAMS/NIGHTMARES’.
International collaboration: Taiwanese-Hong Kong-Malaysian-French-British-Italian

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