CLOSING GALA LDN @ The Cinema Museum!

We are bringing the InShortFF Closing Gala to The Cinema Museum in the Victorian magnificence of the old Lambeth Workhouse, where Charlie Chaplin spent time as a child. The Museum’s unique private collection of cinema history and memorabilia, that is the result of a lifelong fascination with cinema-going.  t is interesting to look back some of the successes and challenges of the past…

It is interesting to look back some of the successes and challenges of the past, so make sure that you will come early to the InShort Film Festival Closing Gala to have time to look around this atmospherical place. Join us for a double bill of short films portraying what’s complicated in human relations and complexity of a brain.

InShortFF 2016 CLOSING GALA: IT’S COMPLICATED // 75′ //+ BRAIN PICKERS (double bill) // 63’ // TICKETS ON SALE NOW


InShortFF is back in mid-October 2016!

We’ve just selected TOP 80 from 957 submissions from over 80 countries around the globe. This October we will screen 50 shorts during the InShort Film Festival in London and top 10 shorts with international collaboration will become a part of our international tour!

The full programme will be published on 20th September!
InShortFF 16 Official Selection

If you’re one of the selected filmmakers please transfer your files to us asap (Deadline 10th Sep). More exciting announcements to come soon. WATCH THIS SPACE!


LOVE+ features critically acclaimed short films that are not your traditional love stories, portraying the desire, attraction and affection that the perspective of lives lived interestingly generates. A night of internationally praised shorts focusing on the ups and downs of the most potent force of all. Ditch an outdated box of chocolates, and treat yourself to our dynamic and heart-warming selection!

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Friday, 12th February 2015, 19.35 at Canada Water Culture Space, London

The Best of InShortFF 2015 again screening in Poland!

After a successful reception of our screenings last September, there’s still plenty of interest to see the best short productions from around the world!  On 29th January, in Art House Dom Sztuki GAK  , in Gdansk (Poland) will screen 10 winners of last year festival!

Mediation (fiction / 2014 // USA ) Somewhere Down The Line (animation / 2014 / Ireland) My Ride (documentary / 2014 / UK) Nu-life (experimental / 2015 / USA) Vertiginous Hole (music video / 2014 / Belgium) James (periodic drama / 2014 / UK) Good Hands (fiction / 2014 / Argentina) 09:55-11:05 Ingrid Ekman, Bergsgatan 4b (fiction / 2014 / Sweden) All In The Value (music-dance video / 2014 / UK) Grown Ups (fiction / 2014 / Spain)

All shorts selected for The Best of InShortFF were made by international cast and crew from the following countries: USA, Spain, Italy, Norway, Japan, France, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Danmark, UK,  Germany, Korea, Romania, Finland, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Sweden, Former Yugoslavia, North America, Peru

More details in Polish here:

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Give us a hand and join our international team of volunteers to make our second edition of InShortFF spectacular!
We are opening position for Competition Coordinators now and soon we will be expanding our marketing team too. Watch this space: VACANCIES